About Intergo

Vast Range, Good Variety

You may choose from more than 100 models with different wood colour finishing and more than 60 different upholstery materials.

Our Brand "ITG"

We Produce "ITG" Upholstery bed. ITG is a brand recognized as high quality Wooden Bed producer in the indsutry.

Refresh Designs

ITG releases new models and designs periodically to meet the ever-changing market trend.

Good Workmanship, Consistent Quality

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and adhere to the International Standard in our daily operations. Therefore you are always assured of the quality products from Intergo.

Flexi Combination

We offer flexibility in product combination, you mix and match the units the way you like it. We are aslo able to fulfill your need to have different models in a container for shipment.

Low Transportation & Handing Cost

We deliver our products in paper carton and most of our products come in Knockdown or Semi-knockdown forms. Your transportation cost and handling damages are therefore minimized.

Concept Products Under The Brand of “ITG HOME”

As requested by market demand, we have started to produce concept products such as bedroom set, dining sets under our latest brand “ITG HOME”. If you trust the “INTERGO” brand, you can expect the same if not more from “ITG HOME”.